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Posted by on Jul 24, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Food and Drink

Food and drinks, one of the greatest pleasures pleasures enjoyed by all human beings in all ages, of all classes and social conditions, because they activate in our brain the centers of satisfaction, taste and desire, to enjoy an exquisite dish that passes through our mind and we will not rest until getting it, of course if this comes accompanied by a good drink this will taste better and enjoy it with more satisfaction.

According to known historical data, we see that the human being has always been in the quest to satisfy his insatiable and ferocious appetite, to enjoy good foods and also to taste a good drink, be these with ferments or not, but always to party to the Innovation and surpassing it until arriving at the most exquisite dishes, whether these are served at a table in a luxurious restaurant accompanied by a good liquor, or a fast food to save the time we need to finish our activities of the day, Accompanied by a natural or carbonated drink.

As the human being has evolved in the various times and in the flourishing activities that have had, also the food industry in quality and taste have been accompanying in these activities, similar situation we have with the drinks from which they have been generated, Without neglecting, the most ingenious and talented mixtures of flavors and colors that satisfy all tastes, depending on the region where they occur or where they come to establish a new market.

All the meetings in which we participate, canĀ“t miss a good dish of food to taste accompanied with a respective drinks, and this we can see, from the meetings of CEOs to the lowest level employees of a company , who seek and give way to satisfy their appetite, with similar dishes, or where appropriate improved versions, and their respective drinks to meet their tastes and needs.

The quality of food and beverages, over time, has been remarkably innovating, from those who eat a lot, to those who eat little, from who consider that everything that walks, flies or swims, can be an exquisite dish to taste, as those who only consider being part of nature and according to them, eat healthily and be in harmony with the universe and other philosophical themes that are in their way and way of living, without demeaning the drinks, which can be given from a cold beer with or without alcohol, like a natural or carbonated soft drink, exists for all tastes and fit the consumer’s pocket.

Food and drink, has become, and will always be, a reason for us human beings, we can meet and fraternize, lower the tensions of daily life and to taste of an exquisite dish, accompanied by a good and refreshing drink, being this a social factor or simply to satisfy our organism and to comply with the designs that lead us to have a healthy body fed strong and vigorous that can withstand the avatars of the life that we carry and the comforts that we have to enjoy our days in family and society.



written by: johncellina23