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Posted by on May 5, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Comfort Food

When you are stressed and emotional because of social life, school, deadlines, work, and basically anything really. you tend to open the fridge and grab some food, it can be a soft chocolate jar, or a juicy cake filled with heaven cream that takes away the bad emotions and put you in a long sentimental ride. That is the food that makes us happy and comfortable and we like to attribute our mood improvement to things like food as it is the first thing we look for when feeling down, and it sure does work. But why and what exactly gives us this mushy feeling of happiness and relaxation?

Humans are very known to be emotional, and yes I’m looking at you men as well, that is why we seek things that we believe will make us feel better, or just fulfil a hole that is present in our hearts, and what better and fastest way to do this? Human connection? The only thing that is available all the time with immediate access is definitely food! That is why depressed or stressed people tend to label their fridge as their lover, and it sure does fill in the label quite well.

Looking at it in a psychologicalperspective, we look for an outlet to express our feelings or for a pleasure provider that might help us cope with our feelings, and food like fries, ice-cream,and fast fooddefinitelyalleviate our mood and make our dopamine (our rewards neurotransmitter) swim in joy as it gets triggered. Also, we might categorizesome foods to be comfy depending on how sentimental it makes us feel or how it is related to our childhood.


There are many famous comfy foods that reach the top list around the world so let us list some of them here, so prepare your comfy food next to you as you well sure need it after this!


Ah chocolate, the guilty friend at twelve o’clock, rushing to it when that big deadline is near is a never ending circle. The sweet taste and different texture make your taste buds so surgery they melt of happiness, it is now globally known that when women are having emotional crises, they turn to their huge bucket of chocolate and eat it all night, it is the survival kit at times of need.


Do I really need to talk about this?Cake is made for celebration especially on birthdays and eating one can sure put your mind at ease. But who needs birthdays as an excuse to bake one? We sure eat them more than once a year.


Donutsare well known around the workplace and in morning cafes, it is never a complete morning for some if it is not with a coffee cup and a sugary powdered donut. When you are late to work, just grab a box of donuts and give some to everyone and watch the magic of forgetting what you did occur!

You can tell that there are still a lot of comfy foods depending on the value and personal connections, but what comfiest foods share is the heavenly feeling they give and sweetness of taste that everyone big for!