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Posted by on Nov 4, 2017 in Uncategorized |

All You Need To Know About Food

Office tell me we’re about to fifteen percent ago today okay so let’s go yeah this is like whack-a-mole in and these are the tapas OK like this and then you eat it this is like Mary comedy mix and then you just in it like this all right I was paying attention oh good right at your news channel did the chip look very nice been illuminated by candlelight I want to eat that a little bit but not enough OK BBQ action sprouts on Isis bias in it I like that it’s chill You can really taste.

The avocado what come on this is not hot Food yeah can’t handle any heat from Florida on amazing you get so much volume and feels it feels like two full avocado full-size avocados in here in Japan if you go to any other Mexican restaurant usually and you order guacamole you get about a tablespoon full of it and a charging HR bucks like you really got white so this is great.

And i believe this boar was overnight great and I believe this ball was overnight fifty sixty dollars now we’re paying for them bucks for that okay when you reach it don’t beat over the candle it’s hot it’s up oh you know it’s got some kick exactly some spice in here yeah sweat already good these people you see here is called Monica Eton this is a rock when you make a sauce make this house or the avocado in here it is really different i think the damn.

That the sauce and avocado absorbs the minerals of the rock and it tastes really will be different oh really that’s bullshit I don’t want people myself oh yeah oh you’re grinding it you’re grinding it like this yeah I want yeah actually the thing that you use on the top is my rock too it’s like a mortar and pestle grind up some trapper yeah alkali co stanza name what I did vodka sorry sorry Steve how’d you get some of this mineral oh yeah oh it’s amazing the point is now you.

can see the guys I’m not trying to hog the food there’s one was jumping everything yeah like lava is a lot guys were kind of stone it’s causing quite serious way to it yeah throw that for bed look right because if you still like each other but every time I countdown definitely heavier into my camera yeah okay so surprised every time I have to just a second deceive your hand you gotta.